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“I wish to express a visionary pop-abstract color dance, and I invite you to find your own unique and joyful answer to my painted riddles…”

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I have always been struck by the way a sense of humor, a whimsical way of expressing things can actually increase our fascination with the inner personality and beauty of whatever we are trying to portray/express.

Here is a purposefully whimsical mix of fanciful architecture and a relative’s dog’s face.  I thought of some kind of labyrinth with a befuddled dog’s face at the center of it! The dog’s head/face at the dead center of the composition makes me think of a cartoon face, you know the one in the Looney Tunes commercial.  So, canine pop. Of a sort!



The new flow

Been working on some new paintings.  Larger in size, and I’m thinking the seed of this newer approach is an exploration of the concepts of using paint and brushmarks in a more circumspect, restrained way, and letting pure emotions becoming compositional motifs.  The painting is still wholly abstract but there is more an emphasis on the “flow” of colors and shapes into and out of each other, almost as if , the paintings manifest more the state of mindfulness, that is, holding your emotions and thoughts lightly and not focusing or holding on to on thought,etc. for very long.  Usually this makes you feel a lot better, once you get the hang of it!

Here is the first one of these “new flow” paintings.  It doesn’t have a title. Yet…






WELL.. I finally joined the madding crowd and now I have my very Yes indeed.  I’ll be posting thoughts, observations, pictures and so on which will have to do with my art career/business/influences/process etc.  Or whatever I feel like talking about 🙂

Anyway, here goes nothing!  Currently I’m working on a new series of abstracts but also working on artwork I am going to have featured in:“3rd Annual Day of the Dead Community Art Show”, on October 27, 2016.   from 5-8pm at Eye’s Gallery.

Eyes Gallery is located at 402 South Street, in Philadelphia PA (USA).


 AY CARAMBA! caliente.

Stay tuned for updates.  And blog posts. Of course.

artistically yours, Jed