January 10 – 30, 2018 at Holy Family University Art Gallery

   Education and Technology Center,Lower Lobby-9801 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, Pa 19114

Opening Reception 5pm-7pm January 16, 2018

Holy Family University Art Gallery is proud to announce its first showing of the abstract art of Jed Williams. Jed Williams renews and celebrates his commitment to the power of pure color and unadulterated brushmarks with a solo exhibit at Holy Family University. This is his first exhibit at a University art gallery.

A noted Philadelphia painter, Jed presents recent abstract works which explore the way color, mark-making and texture can redeem the darker aspects of the mind’s soul-searching in today’s disjointed world, allowing us to find joy in the mundane. Beginning with what are initially a random patchwork of brushmarks and bright, saturated colors, he carefully builds his images into unique, formal compositions, mixing influences from classic modernists like Matisse, Picasso, Frankenthaler with visionary expressionism and outsider and street art.

Jed brings an intense spiritual quality to his work that stems from a purely emotional impulse. A busily, effulgent mix of terse brushstrokes, his paintings reconcile the chaotic atmosphere we live in with a deeply felt preoccupation and devotion to his pure painter’s craft, blending an outsider artist’s mind with academic diligence, while playfully yet intensely transforming abstract painting into a spiritual exercise during this complex moment in America.


Please join us for an opening reception January 16, 2018 from 5-7pm. Private press previews and artist studio visits are available prior to the opening by appointment only. Show runs from Jan. 10-30 at Holy Family University Art Gallery.

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