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Jed Williams demo

Jed Williams is an accomplished and talented actor and voice over character talent. He uses his unique, and expressive, voice in a variety of settings, his voice can express different kinds of roles

-native french accent
-over the top french accent
-cartoon / anime voices
-little kid voices
-young male voices
-female voice

Moreover Jed speaks authentic French and can go back and forth effortlessly between English and French, as well as a native French accent. Jed’s voice is very well suited to roles ranging from science Fiction/Anime to cartoon voices and funny commercials.
Jed’s acting/v.o credits include, most recently, playing the voice of  Agatha Christie’s detective Hercule Poirot in a radio-play “The Case of the Careless Client” aired on G-Town radio in June 2014.   Jed also acted in a Big Smack TV production of “Words To Live By”, a commercial filmed for the Biography Channel, in 2009, and voice-over work in 2011 for the Interact Theatre production of “In a daughter’s eyes” directed by Rebecca Wright (produced at the Adrienne in Philadelphia, PA USA).

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