Jed Williams was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 1975 and brought up in Paris, France; he is a French and American dual citizen now based in Philadelphia, USA. Jed comes from an artistic background–His father was the celebrated poet C.K Williams and his mother is a jeweler. A noted and prolific Philadelphia painter, Jed graduated from the University of the Arts (BFA in Painting and Drawing, 2000) and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Certificate in Painting, 2005), both located in Philadelphia. Since graduating from the Pennsylvania Academy he has been exhibiting his work in both solo and group capacity in many different venues in Philadelphia, Phoenixville , New Jersey, New York City, Brooklyn, Miami, Portland OR and other cities. He has been covered by several media outlets and blogs in Philadelphia such as DonArtNews, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the City Paper. He also has work in private collections in the US, France and Eastern Europe; recently one his paintings was acquired Ruttenberg Center for Autism.And, since 2010, Jed also own/runs Jed Williams Gallery, a contemporary fine arts venue showcasing local, mostly visual 2D emerging and mid-career artists, along with his own art and art process. Jed Williams is also connected with many local Philadelphia arts organizations such as the Da Vinci Art Alliance, an art collective of which he is long-time member.  Jed also is accomplished voice-over actor, portraying different types of characters for animation, commercials, cartoons, film, radio and TV.

The images Jed makes simultaneously stem from intense inner turmoil and wonder expressing itself in his  fascination with certain objects, images and symbols, which I observe and work from. These objects, images and symbols possess “loaded” meanings as well as symbolic societal and cultural connotations. Jed juxtaposes and associates ciphers of meaning by physically bringing these objects, images and symbols together in seemingly illogical yet intellectually and culturally relevant ways. Throughout this  iconographic/abstract interplay Jed explores the dynamism and juxtaposition of, on the one hand, more involved psychological expression and on the other,  pure abstract formalism.